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Subject: Trouble at the clearance sale

We have a problem, which we would like to hear your opinion. We acquired a lounge suite (3-2-1 with stool) for ¤2.050,00 furniture H. in the clearance sale, which promised many bargain according to the newspaper, at the 25.11.2003. It was a pick-up price. The seller was psychologically trained and made me and my husband convinced that we have purchased a super leather sofa of company Himolla worth of over ¤4.000,00. Moreover no exhibit, but in their original packaging from the camp that stood there supposedly still around. So a bargain!

A day later, I receive a prospectus of the company furniture S. L., so we just around the corner. There, our upholstered furniture was pictured as a 3-2-1-seater at the price of ¤1.698,00. Of course no Himolla model, but manufactured by the firm of Carina upholstered furniture. After consultation we would have this sofa set with stool and advent discount of 10% for ¤1.900,00. The next day I went back to H., only this time with my children. Unfortunately, my husband had service. The seller who has giving us the furniture, was there and was indignant when I showed him the prospectus and told him my displeasure about his deception. He spoke of piracy etc.

I insisted, at least the sofa free home delivered to get (worth approx. ¤50.00), what he also said to me after a back and forth. He took my original contract, made a copy and recorded the promised delivery there next week. I left the store with the hope to have acquired perhaps a qualitatively higher quality model of the company Himolla.

It did nothing in the next few weeks itself. After repeated inquiries with H., who was now just another phone to reach you knew nothing of the promised delivery and also to be expected when the set wouldn't be. Finally, the delivery came but on 23.12.2003.

But what astonished: the set was manufactured upholstered furniture extra company Himolla Commission s! According to the driver, he had shipped this new set in the last 2 days already 5 or 6 times to other buyers. "Our" seller had been engaged on Commission in the short term with company H. for this clearance sale and has drawn both the customers and his colleagues across the table (according to the driver).

After these experiences with furniture H., we now want a written confirmation of the succession and guarantee for our sofa set. Said seller had already orally informed us that exist more stores in x and s, which would assume the warranty.

We have withheld 200.00 delivery reasoned that we only pay this amount if we have received a written commitment of the legal warranty.

Yesterday was a bitter reminder of the balance, otherwise it would cede the demand. Now I heard like you, whether we are legally able to withhold the ¤200,00 for the time being. Yesterday, furniture A. had our Super couch (without seat) for only ¤1.598,00 on sale, by the way. Preferably, we would no longer pay the ¤200,00, because we clearly have been deceived and are now very disappointed.

I would very appreciate in your answer. Next furniture purchase we will buy before your counselor clever furniture definitely read, so we're not so naive. Thank you in advance!

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