Happy birthday images golf. The next break is provided by the engine. A deafening noise interrupts the roar of the ride, the car stops, the engine is silent. End, off, over, we think, Timbuktu does not exist, at least not for us. Luckily on trips like this one is always a resourceful passenger on board, which can make something from something, so that the journey finally continues. Ali has the sparking idea: he bends a piece of wire, which he finds in the pad of the driver's seat, fit it in the engine and continues - but there is still nothing to do with the alternator - even with wire.

Happy birthday images golf. "Behind the mountains lies the Niger," Mahmadou points to a hill chain in the moonlight. It is way past midnight when we finally reach the river. From here we will take a ferry which Abdullah told us in Mopti. There is no port for ferry boats, but on the shore there are only huts of fishermen called Bozo.

Happy birthday images golf. In one of them the night will be spent, tomorrow will it go on - according to Timbuktu? Let us ask ourselves. Inside the huts are bast mats for everyone. The fat Araberin snores, she does not have to lie down, the girls are moving uneasily from one side to the other, cold and insects creep up on us, sleep is hard to imagine. We get up and go to the shore. It is dark and quiet. Quietly the Niger flows. Upstream, fishermen kindle the first bonfires, they pray to Allah on their boats.

Happy birthday images golf. Our camp also comes to life. The car is unloaded and the luggage brought to a boat, narrow as a dug-out - our ferry to Timbuktu. The ferryman, a Bozo, slowed the Pirogge slowly across the broad, brown stream. happy birthday pics On the opposite bank are the first huts to be seen, people at work, and after an hour drive finally Kabara, a small but turbulent harbor. There is only a single road there, which leads to Timbuktu. Again we load the luggage on the roof of a car, a taxi mark Landrover, pre-war model, the gasoline next to the driver on the ground, in this case between my feet.

Happy birthday images golf. It is still early in the morning, and we are approaching with a lot of din of the legendary city. To the left and right of the road, initially only sand, finally the first mud houses. The city road ends at Tarerraße, we continue on a sand piste through the old town to the market square Azalai. Every second or third day the caravans arrive here - and sometimes a taxi from Kabara.

Happy birthday images golf. We say goodbye to Mahmadou, most of the others have already disappeared in some houses, the fat Arabs as well as the little girls with their mother, Ali and Salif. It is hot, the sun is already high above the city in the hazy sky. Policemen bored themselves on the porch of their guard, a group of Tuareg waiting in the shadow of the great mosque. "In the streets, sleep, laziness, and sadness of the wilderness seem to float all around," wrote Rene Caillie, French Timbuktu discoverer, 1828 in his diary. And we take our luggage from the roof of the land and go, the shoes full of sand.

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