Vienna Theory Lunch Club

The Vienna Theory Lunch Club, a series of weekly lectures on theoretical physics held alternately at the Technical University of Vienna and Vienna University, was envisaged with many goals in mind; To promote interest amongst students and afford them an opportunity to gain an insight into current research and fields of interest across the spectrum of theoretical physics, to provide a forum for them to hone their skills in presenting their research, to cultivate an environment of collaboration and discussion between research fields and between the two universities.

While every presentation was professional and well prepared, this was all achieved in an informal and relaxed manner – Of course the provision of food and soft drinks contributed to this in no small manner!

This year saw nearly 30 talks from the widest reaches of theoretical research, from adept insights into string theory to hot topics in plasma physics, from musings on the LHC to the pulsating of the dimmest stars, from gravitation to supersymmetry, from quantum computers to cloaking devices. Each talk was well visited, typically between 25 and 60 people, with (often lively) discussions during and after each one. This offered a unique opportunity for students to pose questions, and for the speakers themselves to cut their teeth in presenting their research. Much was learned by both.

The Vienna Theory Lunch Club has positioned itself as an enduring part of the academic calender and is now entering it‘s fifth semester. This was in no small way made possible by the financial support graciously provided by the HTU. We hope to see some of you in the future. Simply pop by; there is food both for mind and body.

For a list of upcoming and previous talks (mostly with slides of previous talks where available) simply visit our website or join our mailing list (

David Burke, co-organiser for summer semester 2010, is currently working at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Vienna University of Technology.
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