Queer Working Unit of the Union of Students at TU Vienna

Logo of the queer working unit (HTU logo with progress pride flag)Welcome to the Homepage of the Department of Queer Matters

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What is the Queer Working Unit?

The Queer Working Unit provides a space for queer students at TU Wien first and foremost – by organizing meetups and events for queer students and offering our support and guidance in the case of queerphobic discrimination. We also provide information on queer matters for queer and non-queer students.

What does queer mean?

Queer is an umbrella term for all identities that do not fall into the heterosexual and cisgender (not transgender) norm.

A different way of describing our community is by using the acronym LGBTQIA+:

L … Lesbian

G … Gay

B … Bisexual

T … Trans

Q … Queer

I … Intersex

A … Asexual/Aromantic

How can you get in touch with us?

If you have questions or need our help, it's best to write us an email:

Email adress: lgbt@htu.at

Instagram: @queerhtuwien

Facebook facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lbsthtuwien

Next Events

  • June 6th, 18:00: Movie screening "Pride", HS 18 Czuber (Main Building, between stairs 2 and 8, 2nd floor)
  • June 13th, 17:00: Meetup for queer students, Room BA 10A (Getreidemarkt)